The chronicle of our hotel –
From rural guesthouse to hotel in almost 300 years

Our hotel looks back on a long and exciting history, that goes back to the year 1737. Find out more about the history of our hospitality from "Beer -Keuschler beim Brückl“ to the leading establishment in the region - almost exclusively owned by the family.

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Then and now: traditional hospitality


Paul Garlinger appears as the first recorded owner


The management of his son Mathias aroused the displeasure of the authorities, as he organised strictly forbidden Rummel dances



The Brücklwirt comes into the possession of the Friedl family. Development into the popular and well-known catering business. Hostel for carters and travelers with blacksmiths and farmers

The childless and very old Amalia Friedl adopted her nephew Hermannfried Hirn and designated him as her successor


Beginning of the great expansion phase of Hermannfried Friedl together with his wife Sunnhild. The country inn becomes the leading hotel in the region.


Maria and Alfred Friedl take over the business. Further development especially in the area of service and offer of the hotel.


Kitchen renovation with the latest technology to offer our guests even better quality in an even shorter time


Large renovation of the double rooms to provide the greatest comfort to our guests


Complete make-over of the entrance area and reception and creatio of a hotel bar with a cosy atmosphere


Renovation and revamp of all the single rooms in the house


Renovation and revamp of the restaurant entrance and toilets


Renovation and revamp of the lift & modernisation of the fire protection installation


Renovation and modernisation of the baths in the guest rooms

A lot has changed in and around the house - but the special hospitality has remained unchanged over the years.

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